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Need some INSPO for content creation? 

Check out our website’s Look, Instagram, and Pinterest for post & story ideas. There's no limits, have fun and be creative!

  • Website : CosmicBabe Lookbook (COMING SOON!)
  • Facebook : cosmicbeautylife 
  • Instagram : Our Main @CosmicLashes
  • Instagram : Our MUA Support page @Club.Cosmicbeauty
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Here's a list of content that does well on our page. (See our Pinterest board for examples ) . 

Check out our Instagram @club.cosmicbeauty & @CosmicLashes

💙1) Video or picture tutorials

💚2) Close up of before & after look with lashes

💛3) Selfies showing a makeup look

🧡4) Create your own makeup look with our lashes

❤️5) Cosmic Beauty package layout 

💜6) Funny memes and interesting content relating to beauty/makeup

🖤7) Recreating celebrities’ makeup looks. Create a college with a split screen showing side by side comparison.

🤍8) Story post showing you wear our lashes

🤎9) Try on lash videos or images

💙10) Tips & tricks how to apply lashes

💚11)  If you have nice nails, take a picture holding our lashes. We want to see your claws!