*PRE-ORDER* Not Your Sweetheart

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*PRE-ORDER* Not Your Sweetheart

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 We are sold out again. However, you can still order now. Our next batch of shipment is expected to arrive next month (Aug 21). Orders are fulfilled based on order number. So first come, first serve.

Some orders will be delivered later, depending on your order date. Hold your place in line and order now!

Kiss good-bye to the F-boys, and say hello to these gorgeous lashes. Our Not Your Sweetheart lashes are long and sexy, with a dash of attitude. Features a V-formation and criss-cross pattern for your next dynamic look.


Tips for lash care:
- Remove with tweezers from the corner of the lashes
- Clean with alcohol
- Cut lash band for better fit eye shape
Lash Details:
- Hand made from synthetic hair
- Measurements - 15 mm
- Now with Eco-Friendly packaging