Not Your Sweetheart

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Not Your Sweetheart

Not Your Sweetheart **Pre-Order from 10/18-11/2 on our website will be shipped on 11/2.

Kiss good-bye to the F-boys, and say hello to these gorgeous lashes. Our Not Your Sweetheart lashes are long and sexy, with a dash of attitude. Features a V-formation and criss-cross pattern for your next dynamic look.


Tips for lash care:
- Remove with tweezers from the corner of the lashes
- Clean with alcohol
- Cut lash band for better fit eye shape
Lash Details:
- Hand made from synthetic hair
- Measurements - 15 mm
- Now with Eco-Friendly packaging
Shipping Details:
Estimated shipping time
-USA order 2 - 3 Business days
-International 7- 25 Business days